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Can you give a Podenco Canario a new home?

What is a Podenco Canario?

The Podenco Canario is a slender and slightly-built but sturdy dog of medium size (about 21" - 25" at the shoulder for dogs and slightly smaller for bitches). The dogs look similar to greyhounds but they are smaller with large ears which they hold up especially when excited. Colours are predominantly white and brown - similar to foxhounds and beagles. The Podenco is thought to have originated in Egypt and North Africa and is considered to be an ancient breed of dog.

What is the problem?

Throughout the Canaries these dogs are being abandoned through ignorance, overproduction of young stock and lack of respect for animal lives (many consider euthanasia would be better than abandonment).

In Lanzarote in particular the islands dog and cat sanctuary SARA does a tremendous job collecting abandoned Podencos and does their best to find them new homes but the majority of the population (who tend to find work in tourism) live in built-up areas with relatively small apartments which do not lend themselves to housing medium sized dogs who require plenty of excercise. Therefore whilst SARA can re-home the 'little cutie' stray dogs who can easily live in a flat, the Podencos tend to stay put. In other words a Podenco taken in by the animal shelter can live there for the rest of its life! The charity has a policy of never euthanizing a healthy dog - which is very commendable but not wholly practical

How can you help?

At any one time there can be around 120-150 Podencos needing homes. They can be vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and transported to the UK and will make a fabulous addition to your family - especially if you live in the country and enjoy country pursuits.

If you feel this is not within your scope but would like to contribute to looking after these strangely beautiful graceful dogs you can make a donation in the knowledge that every penny donated is spent on the animals.

This is a most worthy cause, helping to relieve a problem which to some extent we as a holidaying nation partially created (without tourism the population of the Canaries would be minute and the number of abandoned animals would be similarly small).

If you are in any way interested in adopting a Podenco or would like to make a donation or receive more information please

call Lesley on 01509 880064

























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